Philosophy & Process


Investment Philosophy

We believe that disciplined value investing, built on a research-driven foundation, can deliver investment success over time. Promising opportunities can be found among securities that are most deeply undervalued relative to their future earnings potential.



Strategy & Process

Deep value equity is the singular focus of Schneider Capital’s investment strategy. We employ an active strategy that invests primarily in U.S. equities with market capitalizations in the range of the relevant benchmark index.

To capture promising investment opportunities, our team engages in a systematic approach consisting of:

  • Insightful Research: geared towards identifying securities with low investor expectations that are temporarily trading at a substantial discount to their underlying business value
  • Thoughtful Stock Selection: facilitated by a proprietary ranking system that identifies which securities can add the most risk-adjusted value to the portfolio
  • A Rigorous Sell Discipline: designed to capture upside potential and prune portfolio laggards


Investment Process